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Coromantien was a part of Africa, which in the seventeenth century was one of the chief resorts of the slave traders. Its king was a man of more than a hundred years old. Thirteen of his sons died in battle, and he had left for a successor one grandchild, called Oroonoko. He was sent into the field to be trained to war as soon as he could bear a bow. At the age of seventeen …

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…A. They get married. B. Imoinda becomes pregnant. VIII. Oroonoko leads a rebellion A. Militia pursue rebellious slaves B. Oroonoko captured and whipped IX. Oroonoko plans revenge on Governor A. He kills his wife so she and the child would not be left as prey. B. Plans to kill all his enemies. X. Oroonoko’s death A. He was tied to a post B. He was cut into pieces C. Pieces distributed to chief plantations