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Oedipus Rex is a play about the tragedy that follows after an oracle comes to King Lauis of Thebes and tells him that the son he has with Jacasta, will kill his father and marry his mother. Everything that happens from then on is about a variety of characters trying to overcome fate. But as you read the play, you can see that this doesn't work,that Lauis and Jocasta are both dead,as the …

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…away to another shepherd,they were unknowingly giving in to the fate that was meant for oedipus.All through this story,know matter what lauis or jocasta did,they could never keep oedipus from coming into their lives.Nothing could stop oedipus from going to the "place where three roads meet" and killing his father,or after this, marrying his mother.That this prophecy or curse that was thrown on oedipus was meant to be.