Nutritive Value of Vegetables and Fruit

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Nutritive Value of Vegetables All vegetables are valuable sources of nutrients. Some Vitamin A sources of vegetables are leafy green and bright orange vegetables. Cabbage, Tomatoes and potatoes are a good source of vitamin B. Iron and Calcium are the most important minerals. Leafy green vegetables are a good mineral source. Some vegetables contain carbohydrates- sugar like peas, sweet potatoes, corn and beans. Nutritive Value of Fruit Fruit of all kinds is valuable for the …

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…plastic bag and kept in a cool area and used within a week -Leaf vegetables should be stored in a plastic bag in cool area and must only stayed good a few days. -All seed vegetables should be stored in the fridge -Mushrooms should be put in a paper bag in fridge and not in a plastic bag because the paper absorbs any moisture given off by the mushrooms, should be used within a week