Nu Wa Myth - Chinese Myth and Legends

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In every culture there is a god/goddess who stands out above the others. In Chinese legends the deity that stands out above the rest is the goddess Nu Wa. In all readings it is only good things that being written about this goddess. She is credited not only with the creation of man, but also restoring order between the heavens and earth. She is not only the most humble and caring of all deities …

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…believed that she died and morphed into thousands of little fairies. While others say that she had just road off to heaven and never spoke of the earth again. Whatever did happen to Nu Wa, she will always be credited for the creation of humans and the savor of the world from extinction. This is why in Chinese mythology “She bears the emblem of the Fortune of Life and Death.” (Birrell, Anne. Chinese Mythology. Pg. 71)