Not Fade Away

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Shakin', Rattlin', and Rollin' "How does it feeeeeel To be all alloooone Like a complete unknooowwwwnn Like a rooooooolllling STONE!" - Bob Dylan Brad Thomas The music, and namely three characters, Joshua, Donna, and the ghost in Not Fade Away, are the most important elements to the book. The title alone is a song by the Grateful Dead, and throughout the entire book, music is present. George Gastin is out on the road the entire …

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…in the ass for George, music would always make Mr. Gastin feel better after an encounter with one of these characters. When George was gloomy, all he had to do was put on some music and turn his frown upside down. "I listened to everything I had of the Bopper, Buddy, and Ritchie, hoping the sound of their music would stir their lingering spirits to help me……… 'A love for real not fade away!!!'"(221)