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English 3 2/29/00 Constible Warren: Consitble Warren was the only Constable in town. He was friends with everyone. He use to just stop by and say hello. Constable Warren always made sure everything was okay “seein’ if there’s anything I can do to prevent a flood. Rivers been rising all night”. Pg. 983 Mrs. Gibbs: Mrs. Gibbs is a big gossiper. She always use to gossip after her husband left the room. She had a son named …

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…Emily and that was way more important than baseball, and he was going to give up baseball to be with Emily. Emily Gibbs: Emily Gibbs was a very smart girl who seemed to have a very bright future. She’s going to have a future but she wants to turn it all around for George. She thinks of him all the time. She if afraid that he is going to choose his baseball over her.