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Overwhelmed with happiness, I put my hands to my face and begin to weep hysterically. Through two blurry eyes, I glance around to descry an unfamiliar place, yet I have dreamed all my life to be here. Never have I imagined such raving beauty and effulgence. I walked the ground of a new paradise earth. Scrumptious sun-ripened fruitage abundantly covered the stems of all the trees as well as the green earth below. Longing for …

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…kisses of familiar faces. I was reunited with my long deceased grandparents. Everyone congratulated me for conquering the test, that they them- selves once conquered. A big toothy grin covered my face, failing to conceal how proud I was of myself. Everything was perfect, and then suddenly, I woke up. The utopia I dreamed of was now gone, never to return again. Only in my sweetest dreams would this paradise ever return to me again!