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Biomonitoring of coral reef health using Butterflyfishes (Family: Chaetodontidae) Ryan Gounder © 11/6/99 THE INDICATOR HYPOTHESIS "Coral feeding Butterflyfishes respond to declines in coral quality or abundance by behavioral and spatial adjustments that can be easily and rapidly observed." (Crosby & Reese 1996) Introduction A fundamental question that one asks when using Chaetodontidae, or for that reason any species as biomonitors is: why use an organism when sophisticated machines are available to detect very small quantities of pollution in …

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…the South Pacific. Spellerberg IF (1993) Monitoring ecological change. Cambridge University Press Vivien-Harmelin ML, Navaro-Bouchon Y (1981) Tropic relationships among Chaetodontid fishes in the Gulf of Aquaba (Red Sea). Vivien-Harmelin ML, Navaro-Bouchon Y (1983) Feeding diets and Significance of Coral Feeding among Chaetodontid Fishes in Moorea (French Polynesia). Coral Reefs 2:119-127 White AT (1988) Chaetodon occurrence relative to coral reef habitats in the Philippines with implications for reef assessment. Proceedings of the 6th International Coral Reef Symposium. Australia. 2:427-432