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The Battle For Predator and Prey In Tennessee Williams, A Street Car Named Desire, Blanche DuBois is in a fight for the role of prey or predator. Blanche is visiting her sister, Stella, who is married to Stanley Kowalski in New Orleans. They live on the street of Elysian Fields. Blanche has many sides to her personality. When we first meet she seems to be a high-strung, but a socially refined woman. As the plot …

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…for the true predator is apparent. Even till the end of the play when she taken away to the hospital she lies to make herself to try to conceal the truth. The overall true predator in this play is Blanche because of her the lying throughout the play. Stanley is merely the detective that uses whatever means is necessary to get to the truth of what Blanche is really saying in the play. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**