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Title: Ella Enchanted Author: Gail Carson Levine Number of pages: 232 Copyright: 1997 Main Characters: Ella: Ella is a young teenage girl, Brown hair, green eyes tall and slender. When she was born She was gifted with the gift of obedience. She didnít have many friends because of this gift because whatever anyone commanded her to do she has to. Plot: When Ella was a baby A fairy named Lucinda came and gave her a gift. …

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…married. Ella however didnít become a princess because she didnít want to. Also Ellaís curse was taken away at the wedding by Lucinda even though she wasnít invited to the wedding. Now Ella and Char live happily ever after Recommendation: I would recommend this book to Girls or anyone who enjoys Fantasies that have a lot of love, excitement, and adventure. I really enjoyed this book and I think ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**