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Oedipus Rex What is sight? Is it just the ability to recognize one’s surroundings or is there more? Is it knowledge? Is it understanding? Can a blind man see? Can the sighted be blind? And beyond, when the truth is too terrible, do we choose not to see? The phrase “too see” has so very many connotations. One meaning is to know or to understand and the other is based on the physical aspects …

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…he did not fear the truth, nor did he have reason to. Oedipus blind to the truth, brought darkness on his eyes when the truth is found. How ironic it seems, yet still the question lies unanswered, did Oedipus fear the horrible truth so much that he chose not to see it? Or was he really so oblivious, that the truth was revealed to him near the plays end for the first time? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**