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I. There are three philosophical currents that emerged in the modern period - Rationalism, Liberalism, and Modernism. Define each, compare and contrast them according to their essential features. Rationalism is defined as the principle or habit of accepting reason as the supreme authority in matters of opinion, belief, or conduct. It is a philosophical doctrine that reason is in itself a source of knowledge, independent of the senses -that reason is the competent judge of …

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…Otherwise, the followers would look for other religion. It does not mean that they should allow abortion whenever the couple feels like it, but there should be strict regulations, for example, the child would be born physically or mentally disabled. If the church does not change with time, the Christians would slip out of their hands. Submitted by: John Henry Du Naga Trina Reyes Ma. Cristina Pablo Elaine De Jesus Ruchika Tandon 2 SF ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**