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Throughout Edgar Allen Poe's life, many factors have contributed and influenced his writing style. He lived a difficult life, because he was raised in a dysfunctional household. This is not the main factor to his intriguing writing style, but it is a main factor in the understanding of Poe. He was by a step-father who did not love him, or he dictated his Victorian values so exhaustively that it warped young Allen's impressionable mind. But …

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…One has to read into Poe, and understand the hardships of his life and how he maintained them that way. He knew that death was an inevitable part of life, it is the price of life, but, he tried to fight it as if it was an unnatural part of life. He was an extremely intriguing man from all view points, and he was and is, the dark side of all of us. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**