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Andy Warhol Andy Warhol is a very important contributor to the world of art. Andy's life so revolved around art, that he believed no two other things tied in with each other more. Alastair Mackintosh wrote of him: "He was aware of the pressure of success, of the danger of becoming an institution, but where most artists react to this by trying to fight it, Warhol decided to make success and being an institution his …

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…and shapes. Andy Warhol died in his town house on February 22, 1987 from cardiac arrest. His art has continued to be an inspiration to many filmmakers and artists, but Andy has not only made an impact on people from the art world. His unique style in everything he ever did made many people realize that his point of life being art is really true. He succeeded in making his life a work of art. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**