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Supreme Court Decisions 4th Amendment During the 60s and 70s the issues on the 4th amendment came about. The growing population and the people getting educated on abortion and birth control, many people started to famaliorise in those methods, and the states objecting to their decisions they said that their 4th amendment was violated. ROE v. WADE Roe V. Wade case took place on December 13, 1971 and was reargued on October 11, 1972 and it was decided on …

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…was unconstitutional for Connecticut to have such law that infringed the 4th and 14th amendment. In this decision I agree with the with court. I think that is up to a couple to decide if they want to have kids, if they donít want to have kids then they should be to make their own decisions. This prevents abortion that really is wrong and it prevents bringing unwanted kids to the world. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**