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It seems like the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 1999 had been designed to appease pro-life advocates, and at the same time, sustain the status quo of having legal abortion in the United States. This Act provides yet another reason for life defenders to completely eradicate abortion with the probable argument that 'killing' an innocent life should not have limitations at all. In other words, abortion, whether in utero or partially outside the body, is simply …

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…this particular legislation? The Congress gives no other purpose in banning partial-birth abortions other than they "are horrific and gruesome procedures that should be banned (Sec. 3 (b))." The bill had passed the Senate on October 21, 1999, 26 years after abortion had been made legal in the United States. The issue at hand is not banning partial-birth abortion; it is if banning such procedure had been essential because some heads in Congress had found it horrifying. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**