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Life’s Dominion The major theme of the book Life’s Dominion, by Ronald Dworkin, is the extensive intellectual confusion on the abortion debate. Once the confusion has been identified, according to Dworkin, it will be apparent that a responsible legal settlement of the controversy can be made. Secondly this settlement will be acceptable to everyone, without insulting or demeaning any group (Dworkin 10-11). The "confusion" concerns two quite different positions regarding the responsibility and …

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…speaking of what he, Ramsey, regarded as a tough case: viz., the morality of intrauterine contraceptives. In tough cases, one can expect a theologian to revert to more general theological convictions to get his bearings. Nor does Dworkin pause to consider the specifically theological context of Ramsey’s admo! nition, which concerns the proper ordering of values in charity and in life freely bestowed. This is not meant to exclude duties of justice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**