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Philosophy 4390 Zazen Meditation Before addressing what Zazen Meditation is, or how to do it, itís important to examine why one would want to do this in the first place. There are four main reasons why people try Zazen Meditation. The first reason is just simple curiosity. Humans, being naturally inquisitive creatures, will try it just because they are curious about what it will be like and what it may be able to do for …

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…point located just below the navel. It is not an organ but a center of psychic energy. It is best to initially limit oneself to thirty minutes of zazen per sitting. Sitting times may be increased with experience. Also, it is best to practice zazen under the guidance of a qualified Zen teacher, so the beginner can correct his or her mistakes. The fruits of correct zazen practice include centeredness, calmness, and clarity. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**