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The Life, Times, and Literary Genius of Stephen Vincent Benet Stephen Vincent Benet was brought up among and honest and wholesome upbringing. His father was an Army captain who would travel all across the U.S. Young Stephen was born on July 22, 1898, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, approximately twelve years after the birth of his older brother William Rose. Stephen was a product of 16 years of military institutions in which he displayed his overwhelming literary tact in …

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…that there, among the hustle and bustle of the European culture, that he would wrote his most loved and famous work, " John Brown’s Body." This long, narrative poem is about a leader in the Civil War, mostly about the Reconstruction. This work has been seen as mere prose to some people but it clearly is here to remind us of our past and to prevent us from doing such inhumane destruction again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**