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A 30-Year-old Community Police officer from New Rochelle police department ordered a Poland Spring Water bottle to go with his pizza. When he got home July, 2 he took a swig of water and felt a burning sensation in his throat.Sud He ran to the pizzeria and told them to stop selling water. denly he got a pain in his head and fainted. He lost conscious 3 times. His heart palpitated. Him and New Rochelle police …

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…called Ayer mass that they donít use ammonia to clean bottles or do anything with it. He said it must be someone tampering it. So did the company of Poland spring and other water companies said they didnít use ammonia. When they interviewed people most of them didnít care and still drink water. In 1982 there was a big case like this one. People got sick and died from Tynonanol over 10 people died.