Nocturnal Wonderland This is a descriptive essay about going to a rave and finding out what it's like. A personal story.It uses show don't tell.

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Nocturnal Wonderland On Saturday, September 2nd,2000, I attended a rave, "Nocturnal Wonderland," at the Indio polo fields. This event was the last massive rave of summer, and was anticipating a captivating, transformation of a hot summer night. When exiting the freeway all I can see for miles is a line of cars full of happy, go-lucky ravers, ready for their last summer bash. It's like a church congregation, coming together to celebrate life. At a …

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…and everyone went wild. While he was doing this I could here the phat break beats in the background. I was totally shocked when he took the grate off of his face and he was unharmed. This last massive rave of the summer was truly a captivating, transformation of a night which brought my senses to a new height. A night of laughing, dancing, smiling, cheering, and brought with it was an awesome Nocturnal Wonderland.