No Exit 2

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Sartre believed that one day man happened, or occurred, and after this anomalous event man’s life took meaning. With this theory, Sartre articulated the premise that “existence precedes essence”. Through this assumption, Sartre evolves further ideas in which a human can gain a greater understanding of human nature and responsibility. In his theory stating that “existence precedes essence”, Sartre takes the belief that life has a meaning that far transcends our short and insignificant …

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…see him differently than he does of himself. In conclusion, Sartre uses Garcin to try and guide the reader, and he illustrates his idea that one must take responsibility for their own life and their own past to truly come to peace with one’s self. With the concepts of bad faith fundamental project illustrated in a character in hell, Sartre emphasizes how severe he views the consequences of choosing the wrong path in life.