Nixon and The Vietnam War

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Richard Nixon and The Vietnam War Entering the executive office in 1969, Richard Milhaus Nixon would have to "pick up the slack" of his predecessor Lyndon Johnson who had left office while the Vietnam War was still waging on. Expected to be the "peaceful-president", Nixon was visualized by many Americans as being the one who would put an end to the war in Southeast Asia and bring American troops home. With Henry A. Kissinger as his …

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…presented by the Nixon administration, both sides would have to come to an agreement. This consisted of withdrawal of all American troops in return for American prisoners of war. The agreement also allowed the NLF to remain in South Vietnam, which Thieu resented. Thus, another President realized the hard way what the Vietnam War would entail. Knowing that the war was a lose-lose situation, Nixon like Johnson prolonged a war that should have never began.