Nitrogen cycle.

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nitrogen is an important element found when organic matter is analyze. living things cannot utilize nitrogen unless it is in a complex form. Animals require proteins which are very complex. these proteins are manufactured by green plants. when an organism dies, the nitrogen compounds are made simpler by the action of bacteria. green plants take up nitrates ( simple nitrogen compounds) and store the nitrogen away in proteins. undoubtedly many of the compounds built up by …

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…bring about denitrification in the soil and by their agency considerable quantities of gaseous nitrogen are returned to the air. the combined nitrogen content by means of nitrogenous fertilizers, such as nitrates and ammonium soils. Some facts: nitrogen is four- fifths of the air. bacteria release nitrogen from organic compounds. aseptic- free from harmful bacteria, especially those that are the cause of some particular disease. sterile- backing all bacteria. accomplished by using heat or chemicals.