Nightmarish Themes in Edgar Allan Poe's Stories

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Themes in Works by Edgar Allan Poe Horror stories seem to provoke a certain feeling inside all of us. They can make us scared, nervous, or even just amazed. If a horror story is told well, it can make just about any reader cringe. There are certain elements that must be in a horror story to really make it frightening. Some of these elements include the setting, the characters, a feeling of suspense, foreshadowing, and …

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…a horror story, it can help to greatly scare and satisfy the reader. Edgar Allan Poe was a master of the art and knew how to incorporate all the right characteristics into his stories. “The Fall of the House of Usher”, “The Masque of Red Death”, and “The Raven” all had these qualities. Poe stories will live on for years to come since he has created the definition of a truly disturbing and frightening tale.