Night by Elie Weisel

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Night by Elie Weisel Elie Weisel wrote Night ten years after his imprisonment in a German concentration camp in 1944 during World War II. The book was written to tell the story of his experiences there and the experiences of so many others who weren’t as fortunate (though this could be easily debated considering what he went through). Personally for me at first it was very difficult to break the book down into “virtue’s …

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…will to survive is what man gives up last. Night raises a great many questions about the meaning of humanity, about human denial, about survival, about compassion, and about man’s faith and convictions in the face of great oppression. To me, Night was essentially about man’s inhumanity towards itself, self destruction, how people continue to turn away when they know others are suffering, and about the profound existence of evil in the world.