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Elie Wieselís is a powerful novel that describes the occurrences during the Holocaust. The story takes place in the times of WW II in the concentration camp at Auschwitz. Night can be interpreted as an autobiography of the authorís personal experiences during his captivity by the Nazis in the concentration camp at Auschwitz. The simple language, Wiesel uses, captures in great detail and deepness the cruelties, suffering, and torturing the Jews lived in …

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…because as a young Elie was deeply religious and now not only dieing physically but also morally. This can also be observed when Elieís father is in last moments laying on his deathbed, he calls on Elie but Elie does not respond. The next morning Elie wakes up to see that someone else is in his father place. Elie did was not able to shred a tear or have any feelings for his father.