Nick from The Great Gatsby

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Nick Carraway tells the story of The Great Gatsby, and also plays an honorable and trustful character in the novel. Throughout the story, developes and adjusts to life on the East Coast to better fit in the intellectual, rich and snobby East and West Eggs of Long Island. As a narrator, Nick is an observer and analyzes all the people he meets, always learning more about his new home and its population. He gives many …

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…character of the story, unique and full of responsibility. Amidst his fellow East and West Eggers, he is the only one who turns out to have any real values or morals. Nick as a narrator is very effective for his descriptive style of analyzing people and places is solid and he describes the necessary and intriguing parts of the story while omitting useless or redundant occurrences . Nick is the model citizen in The Great Gatsby.