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Trying to get a job during the 1930’s could prove troublesome, or impossible. So how did they manage to survive? Anyone can tell you that the 1930’s were no picnic. Unemployment was up to 600% in 1933 from 1928, leaving 12.8 million people without jobs. 4,004 banks were suspended in 1933 due to “financial difficulties.” The value if U.S. exports was down $2.5 billion from 1928. And to top it all off, the whole Great Plains was shut down due to dust …

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…fortify, allowing the American employees to bargin collectively and join unions. However, later more strikers organized with their families, and the cops formed a line in front of the strikers and opened fire with everything they got killing 10 and wounding over 100. But America did survive. Many died and some lost everything, but Roosevelt’s New Deal Provided jobs and money enough to stop the down fall and increase production, employment, and the standard of living.