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Neoclassicism: Neoclassicism represented a reaction against the passionate and enthusiastic renaissance view of man as being basically good and possessed of an endless potential for religious and intellectual growth. Neoclassical theorists, by contrast, saw man as an imperfect being, inherently sinful, whose potential was limited. They replaced the renaissance emphasis on the imagination, on invention, experimentation, and with an emphasis on order, reason, on common sense, on religious, political and economic reaction. They maintained that …

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…if the stories criticized the royal community the circulation of the story would be stopped and the author would be punished. But in today's world there is lot more freedom one can express ones thoughts freely and openly but even in today's world a person is criticized if his or her writing offends a group or community for example Salman Rushdies book "Satanic Verses". This shows that the neoclassic period still influences the world today.