Nazi Propaganda Campaigns both at home and abroad

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Between the years of 1939 and 1945, the world experienced the most devastating war in human history. A minor conflict between Germany and an Anglo-French coalition erupted into the greatest struggle modern society has ever endured. Throughout this period, Germany produced one of the most formidable displays of political propaganda ever. The propaganda campaigns began in Germany and later influenced other countries involved in the war. Ultimately, Nazi war propaganda became so widespread and successful that it …

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…of the Nazis in radio, film, and journalism. Yet Hitler was still concerned about Germans living outside of Germany. In order to assure that all Germans were exposed to Nazi propaganda, Hitler authorized the funding of the German-America Bund, an organization founded in the United States, designed to preach Nazi beliefs and customs to Germans living abroad. The German-American Bund was the largest example of the effect of Nazi war propaganda in the United States.