Nazi Germany in 1939.

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In order to thoroughly understand German enthusiasm to the Nazi regime, we must first understand the 2 great events that preceded the Nazi power in Germany: World War I and the Great Depression. Out of World War I came the Treaty of Versailles in which Germany lost 13% of its territory, 10% of its population. Economically, Germany was required to pay installments towards the reparations debt, 28 billion dollars total, to be paid over a period of 42 years. Militarily, …

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…grave enough to compel the Germans to revolt against their leader. Germany had finally come to know a leader capable of maintaining a stable country, and perhaps even competent of creating an industrious country. The Nazis brought hope for German people. Blinded by the propaganda and seduction the party used, the German people were unable to foresee that the hopes they held for the future would soon come tumbling down, along with the Third Reich.