Navy SEALs

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United States Navy SEALs, who are they, what do they do, why are they so secretive? A Navy SEAL is a highly trained individual. He must go through the toughest training in the world. The government will send them to the ends of the earth to do tasks that would send chills up most of our spines. Most of their operations even though top secret involve capturing an individual of power, to get information through …

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…at Inchon was considered dangerous, with its fluxuation of tides made amphibious landings very difficult. To cut down on the danger the UDTs were called in to survey the channels, docks, tides, and other defenses. Their job again was to clear the mines from the channels by hand by swimming up to them and placing charges to them and blowing them up. After the Inchon invasion the war changed, the North Koreans started to retrieat.