Nature of American Civil War

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To what extent was the American Civil War, the first modern war? The Great War witnessed a significant departure from the Napoleonic tactics and technology familiar to contemporary European military thinkers. Although the defining factor remains ambiguous, there is a tacit acceptance that the First World War epitomises the ‘modern war.’ It was a conflict of mass armies waged with highly efficient weaponry, which, coupled with the absolute pursuit of victory, eroded the pseudo-chivilaric concepts …

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…It is almost inconceivable that conditions, not least geographically or climatically, would have been the same all over such a sprawling campaign map. Consequently, while Farmer splits the war in two, claiming that with the introduction of the Springfield in 1863 it moved towards becoming a modern war, it ought to be borne in mind that regional disparities must still have occurred and therefore in some areas the conflict, may have been more modern than others.