Native American Ritualism vs. Modern Rituals This essay compares elements of the native american Sweat Lodge ritual to the modern American ritual of the court trial.

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Native American Ritualism vs. Modern Rituals Ritualism is present in many aspects of all types of religions, societies, and cultures around the world. The ritual is defined by several characteristics which make it an important, symbolic part of people's lives. Rituals are applied for all sorts of different purposes, most often religious in nature, but not always so, and are always meaningful in some way. Native American tribes are the origin of several traditional rituals, …

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…to the rightful path. In addition, though the trial is not really considered a ritual by most people, it could easily be labeled as such because it shares the same ritualistic elements as found within Native American rites such as the Sweat Lodge. In any case, the point is that ritualism is present in all types of society, not strictly within religious circles, and is part of our lives whether we realize it or not.