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Narcolepsy Daniel Duthiers Mrs. Twining Period 3 Pre IB Psychology INTRODUCTION TO NARCOLEPSY Contrary to popular belief narcolepsy is not a psychological disorder. Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that causes sleep problems. Narcolepsy is a very serious sleep disorder ; even though narcolepsy itself isnít fatal, it can cause excessive sleepiness during the day, which in turn can cause the narcoleptic person to fall asleep while driving their car ; this is when the disorder is fatal. …

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…called provigil, will take place of these. Since amphetamines are highley addictive doctors were uncomfortable prescribing them. Provigil is not an amphetamins which is an up to the other treatments. Also the new drug does not stimulate the heart and the gastrointestinal systems, nor does it cause irritability and anxiety like many other drugs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** some narcolepsy sites my brain though it may not be that good because i am still a highschool student