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Turning Point Title: Napoleonís Retreat from Moscow Place and Date of Event: June 22 1812 Napoleon and the Grande Arme invade Russia. December 18 1812 what is left of the Grande Arme make it back to France. Key Individuals and Roles: Napoleon: Emperor of France who lead the French Arme and itís allies into Russia. Barclay de Tolly: Commanded 127,000 Russian troops at the start of the invasion. Marshal Kutusov: Russian commander who replaced Barclay in mid August. …

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…Napoleon is hated by almost all his Arme after this failure. He left his troops to die in Russia and people donít forget that. Countries under Napoleonís rule now feel confident they can beat him. He suffers his final loss in Waterloo and is imprisoned on Elba by the English. If Napoleon had not lost in Russia he most likely would have made France the biggest empire ever, that would still exist today.