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Portfolio Ex. YC #1, pg. 52 "Nathan and I haven't had sex in three months" said Julie. "Three months" Angie replied, "Well for Christ's sake what's wrong?" "Well he's been working 75 hours or more per week, ever since Robby the Sr. partner was fired from the firm, and well he's out of town visiting clients at least ten days a month. And when he's not of town or working, he's doing something with the kids or sleeping. …

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…Good night!" With that Julie turned over and attempted to sleep, but her anger kept her awake. Nathan made a futile attempt to reach over and kiss her good night, but it made no difference, she was upset. They both lay there in silence for a few minutes. Julie turned to say something, but her words were halted by the bellowing snore of her knight in shining armor. She cried herself to sleep. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**