NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament

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It's March. Do you know what time it is? It's March Madness, the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament. The time of the year when you see commercials on CBS announcing the Road to the Final Four, the pinnacle of the college basketball year. Each year 64 teams vie for a spot in the Final Four. Teams from the East, Midwest, Southwest, and West all compete for one spot from each division. The teams that play for one …

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…Monmouth.         So as one can see there are many different ways to view the teams from the Field of 64. From the Number 1's through Number 4's to the One-Hit Wonders there are many teams with a shot at winning the NCAA National Championship. You might ask, 'Which team do you feel will win the National Championship?' I feel the National Championship will go to the Georgetown Hoyas ( a Number 2 seed ) out of the East.