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NATCO INTRODUCTION NATCO is an acronym for the initial’s National Confectionery Co. It is a very popular brand name in England, which tries to satisfy the needs of the Asian community it is often mistaken that NATCO is the name of the company; but this is not true. NATCO is only a brand name for an international trading company, a specialist in Indian foods, -T. Choitram & Sons. T. Choitram & sons is the largest chain …

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…standards set can be monitored and altered using the statistical quality control (SQC) technique and the process can be modified whenever required. This ultimately means that with the help of automation technique the results of the quality will remain same from time to time. 2.Production Rates: With the advantages of automation, it leads the company to increase the production rates over the manual methods. For example, before the company use to function on the manÿ