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Week Two Individual Assignment: Regional Paper When it was first being debated, NAFTA's effect on its member countries was anticipated to be enormous. Advocates said that it would create hundreds of thousands of jobs for the United States due to vastly increased exports to member countries. Opponents claimed that NAFTA would destroy jobs rather than create them, due to a massive influx of imports and an exodus of United States firms to Mexico to take …

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…the original agreement passed. However, Garten and others believe that with some minor updates, NAFTA can continue to be one of the most beneficial trade agreements passed to date. References Daniel T Griswold. (2003, May). NAFTA at 10: An economic and foreign policy success. Usa Today, 131(2696), 22-23. Retrieved September 26, 2004, from Research Library database. (Document ID: 337787361). Jeffrey E. Garten. (2003, December). At 10, NAFTA Is Ready for an Overhaul. Business Week,(3863), 32. Retrieved September 26, 2004, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 503123251).