Myths in human culture.

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In the Hindu myth, The Creation, Death and Rebirth of the Universe, it was interesting to me, to see the importance and signifigance of the governing divine power known as Vishnu.The divine power in The Creation, Death and Rebirth of the Universe is Vishnu who takes several forms throughout the Creation to Rebirth cycle. Vishnu plays an important role as he is the one to set up the world for humans to inhabit. As …

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…live in fear and also allows them to make their own destiny contributing to the betterment of humanity instead of pleasing a God or the lining the pockets of the local mouthpiece for a God. I view the Hindu myth being as more Agnostic as it is clear to see that Vishnu is a creator and destroyer and not a dictator. So far out of all the myths, this one is the most human friendly.