Mythology Journeys of the Underworld

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Journeys of the Underworld Throughout time, Myths have been used through civilizations in order to explain the "unexplainable". Different cultures describe their difficulties and what their gods did in order to solve these. Because most of the disasters or difficulties were tied together or somehow the same, the myths tend to overlap. More important than the similarities are the differences among the cultures, because all of them beautifully tell their own "side of the story". …

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…Whether they teach moral stories, such as obedience, or whether they explain why things are the way they are ( i.e. changing of seasons), the correlation between the underworld myths can be shown through many different levels. They can be shown through parallels between the cultures or parallels among one culture. Whichever way myths are used to portray what they want, they always are able to fully capture the meaning of what the cultures intended.