Myth about why people are fat

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Why Are People Fat? Foodisus was the god of food. In his own opinion, he was the most important god of all. All people need food and since he controlled food, he could be considered the most powerful. He liked to sit and admire his vast fields, forests, and oceans all filled with food. Everyone constantly had access to food and never gained weight after eating it. He liked his job feeding the people of …

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…across the world. Foodisus stood on the mountain and watched what happened. Suddenly every person on the earth craved Gluttoneus's most beloved foods. Foodisus immediately took Gluttoneus's whole supply of food to Starvisus's village. The village chomped down on it like there was no tomorrow. They were overjoyed. But in order that everyone would remember what had happened, from that time on, anyone who decided to eat food Gluttoneus liked, would gain weight as punishment.