Mystical Stigmata

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MYSTICAL STIGMATA Though it is correct when making an opinion on a matter or in this case an article you usually take a black side or a white side. In this very ordinary situation the thinker must take a gray stand point. This article yet as factual as it may seem, it change's your view from the first three paragraphs to the middle paragraphs to the last three. This thesis may seem confusing but it …

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…thinkers reason for saying that is the following, God gave you a choice to have the gift of stigmata enacted on you, if you reject it God will seal the wounds up and will eliminate your suffering's. That in the thinkers eyes is a God of love and peace and a God with lots of wisdom in his heart unlike the statement made by that lay man in the article. By: Jose-Trelles Herrera ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**