Mystery of The Lottery

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Sometimes, evil surfaces from the most ordinary and unpredictable everyday surroundings. This is most apparent on the short story, "The Lottery," published in 1948, in which author Shirley Jackson writes of a mysterious and barbaric tradition that stems from seemingly ordinary town settings. Coulthard describes the reason of continuing appeal of “The lottery “ is because of its “nihilistic undercurrent, and not the surface attack on subservience to custom”(The Explicator 226). Through the use of narrative structure, …

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…the barbaric ritual. By doing this, Jackson is able to reflect her impression of society at that time with an engrossing plot that draws readers in until it's climactic ending. She draws in the reader, forcing them to ponder the meaning of the lottery, all the while masterfully hinting at the true nature of the lottery, all of this juxtaposed to the state of the town and their undying commitment and loyalty to the lottery.