My mission is to pacify Ireland

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Gladstones mission to pacify Ireland was essentaillyan attempt to achieve a just relationship between landlord and tenantand grant Ireland certain independence.He attemtped to succeed in his conquest with the introduction of several Land Acts(1870-1881) and the disestablishment of the Protestant Church(1869).The first Land AAct was passed in 1870, following the Fenian uprising of 1867.This act legalised the Ulster Custom of fair rent, free sale and fixity of tenure in areas where it operated. …

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…the Land Acts,allowing Irish peasants more rights over their land and the disestablishment of the Protestant Churhc,appeasing Irelands overwhelming Catholic majority,Gladstone and his party suffered.The party became divided and support for the party decreased.The main general reasons for this was Gladstones policies were good willed moral and helpful to the Irish poor.They upset and angered the Irish rich,those with land and wealth and ultimately those with political influence.