My Study Notes from Chapter 1(History, Theory, & Research Strategies) from Development Through the Lifespan, 3rd ed. By: Laura E. Berk. ISBN: 0-205-39157-5

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Chapter 1: History, Theory, & Research Strategies <Tab/><Tab/>*~Chapter Summary~* <Tab/>Human development is the study of all aspects of constancy & change throughout the lifespan. Theories lend structure & meaning to the scientific study of development. This chapter provides an overview of philosophical & theoretical approaches to the study of human development from medieval to modern times &…

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…investigation, participants <Tab/>in control groups have the right to alternative beneficial treatments if they are available. For children 7 yrs & older, their own consent must be obtained, w/ parental consent . T/F: Like children, older adults require more than the usual informed consent procedure. False In debriefing, the investigator provides a full account & justification of research activities to participants in a study in which deception was used.