My Mother and I. WHat is one situation where you felt you wouldn't survive and pull through if it weren't for your mother's support and encouragement? Develop and Discuss.

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<Tab/><Tab/><Tab/> In a world of resounding echoes, "Mom" is one of the few words that last forever. Being a teenager, I find it hard to admit, but I know it's true with all my heart; I need my mother, and the bond that is between us has gotten me through so much, and will get me through so much more. How …

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…Everyday of my life, I try hard not to disappoint my parents, especially Mother. She has worked hard for me, and letting her down would tear me apart. I needed her when I was dressing up my dolls, I need her when I'm cramming for an exam, and I'm sure I will need her when, if, I ever start a family I just hope that she will be there for me, forever patient and understanding.