My Lai Massacre

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My Lai Massacre What Americans refer to as the My Lai Massacre happened in the quiet village of Son My, only a kilometer from the coast of Vietnam in Quang Ngai Province. On March 16, less than two months after the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese launched their famous 1968 Tet Offensive, Bravo and Charlie Companies of the 11th Infantry Brigade of the 23rd Infantry Division entered the hamlet of My Lai and killed at least 347 Vietnamese, …

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…same medal. In Vietnam, March 16, 1998 brought the dedication of a Vietnam-American Peace Park. Built by veterans who at one time fought each other, the 4.5 acre park is the latest effort to improve the economy of the My Lai area led by American veteran Mike Boehm and assisted by the Quakers. Included in the recovery and reconciliation efforts are a revolving loan fund, improvements to the local hospital, and raising funds to build a new school.